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Welcome to the For the Kingdom Blog!

My name is Atticus Nguyen (the Asian guy in the center), and For the Kingdom Not the Brand Ministries, which encompasses this blog and the podcast "For the Kingdom Not the Brand," is my personal public ministry. I am currently a pre-med student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I began the For the Kingdom Not the Brand podcast in my senior year of high school, and the Lord led me to create a blog in 2023 as I grew more in the knowledge of Him in my sophomore year of college. The mission of this blog is for me to primarily edify and encourage believers to live their lives based on the word of God alone by addressing current issues in culture and exploring Biblical truths. Secondarily, this blog will also share my current thoughts as I continue my faith walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

My podcast can be found on Anchor and Spotify!

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